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The fun never ends

How could I possibly get the Altun Ha post finished when I got sidetracked on sesame street with Maya and Bill looking for Dcg & Becky and ending up at BC’s. It was not long before Seashell & Donna joined us then Simon turned up. I came home with 1h to post new pics and clean up before we head off to town for tacos and then to Pedro’s to meet up with the more of the gang.

heading down front street looking for Becky and Dcg in shops

Found them near Fido’s

Road side conversation

Meeting up at BC’s girls had to stop at tacoshack for their bikes

Dcg gone Island girl with braided hair and belikin

Becky Bill Maya

Pole dancing in paradise

Becky made a new friend

Drinking and driving

Becky and Dcg

Major drinking and driving

Seashell’s shoes on the steps at BC’s

Sundown is coming

Almost taco-time yay

Tacos with Bill and Becky

Jager time


Becky has the moves

Bill – Pedro

Kc Becky Bill Laura

KC SJ Bruce

KC Laura Dcg


Pedro and Becky Dancing

Becky – JD

Dcg – JD

One thought on “The fun never ends

  1. travelqueen says:

    Oh migosh! It’s a good thing “what happens in SP stays…” Why is KC’s wife cheek kissing BiIl? I want in on that!!!!

    Pedro looks pretty good! Ut oh!…

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