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The Coconut Telegraph in San Pedro Doesn’t Hold Water

San Pedro Coconut Telegraph

SAGA Humane Society gets the kick-start they needed to make the next generation of quality and affordable animal care and well being a reality for Ambergris Caye. As the for sale sign was posted at SAGA Humane Society on Sea Star Street early Saturday morning, the rumor mill in San Pedro dubbed the “coconut telegraph” was so hot it nearly caught flames. Speculation that SAGA Humane Society was for sale circulated, as did it’s potential closing for most of the day until SAGA issued a Facebook post and a release to the media that all is well for SAGA Humane Society and that expansion is on the horizon, not closure.

SAGA Humane Society Board Member Kevin Smith commented, “No SAGA is not for sale, and No SAGA is not closing its doors. We were notified by the landlord that she and her partner have made the decision to sell the property for personal reasons. We have good open communication with the landlord and the real estate company and will have plenty of time to make arrangements for all of the animals that we will continue to care for”.

The sale of the property on Sea Star Street may be just what the doctor ordered for SAGA Humane Society who has been working on a strategic plan which includes a new building to house the clinic operations and the shelter animals all under one roof with advanced equipment and diagnostics. The strategic plan will be unveiled at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for June 30, 2015. “This project has been in the planning phase for some time as permits, logistics, and engineering can take time. We want to do this right the first time and build a facility that can accommodate all the animals. The facility needs to be built with the future of San Pedro and the well-being of the animals in mind. That kind of thought process is not easy and is not quick, but it is the reality and it is coming”, states Smith.

About SAGA

SAGA Humane Society was founded in 1999 as the first and only non-profit animal shelter and clinic in Belize, whose mission is to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to all animals. For more information, to book a Humane Education presentation or to make a donation, please go to Saga Humane Society Website or email

Help SAGA reach their $40,000 towards a new upgraded clinic please visit Paws for a Cause Saga donation Page 🙂

Here are a few great pictures from SAGA volunteer Heather Smith. She really has a talent for capturing their personality.

belize humane society
Nena by Heather Smith
san pedro
Luna by Heather Smith
belize humane society
Curious by Heather Smith

4 thoughts on “The Coconut Telegraph in San Pedro Doesn’t Hold Water

  1. Emily Smith says:

    Glad to hear this good news about Saga. And Heather’s photos are something special! Thanks for sharing, Laurie. 🙂

  2. Raquel says:

    What could possibly help the transition in the interim is for more people to foster these awesome four-legged friends! It’s a great way to help/support SAGA and give some greatly needed love and affection to the animals. Then they’ll be more easily adopted.
    It’s an easy process to go through and SAGA is very appreciative of the help if you’re able to give.

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