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The challenge is on

I have been going through our place lately and working towards balancing out the energy. In doing so I had a couple of goals in mind, personalize things a bit and put some good energy into the house. Now that Rick has moved next door to Jacks house, it is so quiet here. Hoping we find the right roommates soon. I decided to use my feng shui deck and do a card at a time following the suggestions given. The first card I drew was quite appropriate and a good place to start…

Chi: optimum energy – Change

Front entrance:
-Often a house features two or more entrances, which can cause confusion for visitors and disrupt the flow of chi to the home. Sometimes the entrance that was architecturally designed to be the primary entry is not the one most often used. In such cases we must redefine our primary door to match our chi flow.

To support use of a primary entrance:
Clearly designate the front entrance by creating a well defined path to the door. Clear away any obstacles such as overgrown shrubbery.

-Make the entrance prominent with a welcome sign, a wreath or other door ornament.

-Place strong lighting along the way and at the preferred door.

Diminish the significance of other entrances by removing outstanding features and perhaps screening with potted plants or trees.

When the trigram for fire shows that we’ve out grown our assumptions about what brings us joy, represented by the trigram lake, a change in outlook is required. If we can see situations from a fresh perspective true transformation can occur.

-In what areas are your outdated beliefs holding you back?

One if the things I decided to change recently was to get a mailbox address. Sounds simple but after being used to going to the post office for almost 3 years to pick up mail – being able to have another option closer to home is huge. I had been thinking about it for a while now and I came to the conclusion that having a mailbox at close range is a very useful idea.

Not only will it save time, it gives me some piece of mind in my scattered life that my mail is safe. Since we moved south I am such a post office delinquent. I even have blank stamped post cards to prove it. I got stamps while Capt Jeff and I were sitting on the Holiday Hotel deck before fishing. from a guy who was leaving the island stopped and offered them to us…

The challenge is on … The first 7 post cards I get to help me break in our new address will get one in return. I got mine at the Corona Del Mar / Woody’s Wharf gift shop – they show a view from the way back machine when the streets were still sand and gridlock was on foot. I rate it definitely frame or fridge worthy. (please feel free to leave a comment if you decide to enter the great post card race so we can see who is in the running ha ha)

To enter the contest:
Mail your post cards to …
Laurie Norton Unit 529
Quicksilver Messenger Service
San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye
Belize, Central America

I would like to give Miss Dianne of Quicksilver Messenger a big congratulations. She is one smart cookie getting real mail delivery up and running on the island. I have enjoyed watching her successfully progress with the business.

Dianne now has 3 banks of mail boxes – Two south, one by Royal Palms the other at San Pedro Public and one in town at Tech Transylvalia. She will also be doing new condo developments soon. Which is a great idea – imagine being able to be able to offer your buyers mail service as part of the package.

Mail boxes at San pedro Public supermarket

Missing cat – Luna has been missing since last Thursday. She belongs to Tamara Sniffin, owner of The San Pedro Sun Newspaper.

She was last seen in the empty lot next to Tamara’s house, in the San Pablo Area (Fire Coral Street). when you pet her or scratch her head, she rolls onto her back and spreads for tummy scratches too…like a dog! She has a necklace that’s actually one of the beaded bracelets that one can buy from the little kids on the beach.

We miss her LOTS…she’s loving and friendly…a very sweet cat… If anyone knows Anything, please call us at the office 226-2070

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  1. tacogirl says:

    Hope you win too. I am sure you will be in the first 7 but if you are # 1 will send you a special surprise.

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