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The big night

Tonight’s the big night.

I just popped into a net cafe as I could only get so far on Forrest’s mac and accessing my preset blog posts was not happening.

Been having a great time so far. Went for a nice long walk this morning then had steak and eggs at the Lucky Penny and went to Trader Joes to drool at all the choices and pick up a few things.

For now you will have to wait till I get home for pictures as I have not found an option to get any uploaded yet.

Will be hooking up with Gela shortly and then we will probably head into the Market st area for the big party tonight.

The party was great – I won first place in public vote with 35.0% and 1,262 Votes definitly reason to celebrate. They had all kinds of LP branded swag on the tables for us – shoelaces – book marks – shot glasses filled with Jelly Belly’s – travel books and- Matthew gave me a whole extra box of Lonely Planet books for coming all the way from Belize.

After the party we went to Momo’s where the party was originally supposed to be then caught a cab home.

This is for all of you in SP $1.00 strawberries – I went through 3 boxes

Loved the hills

Been a log time since I rode a city bus

Lucky penny

Inside lucky penny

Steak and eggs

Forrest’s place – middle one

Gela on the bus – we are headed to the party

Tall buildings

Matthew Cashmore

Comedian Ewan Spence


  1. Good luck laurie wish we were there to see it all, can’t wait for the pics take care see you soon lol

  2. Wow, looks like a fun party!!! Tell Forrest I want to live with him!!

    You’re #1, taco! xo

  3. Thanks Sharon

    It was tq – ya what a great second place to live

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