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The best Crispy tacos in San Pedro

My Laptop finally crashed for good yesterday – ugh. It was starting to act up real bad and the white screen of death was taking over big time, making it very hard to work. I put out a call for tech help to find the monitor power chord I needed as a temp fix until I can get a new machine down here. I was doing my best to keep positive and decided to take a break and clear my head with a walk.

I ended up at Average Joe’s and Danyelle made me one of their crispy tacos that definitely put me in a much better head space, nothing like good food to cheer a girl up. She even served it on one of those super cool taco trays to hold it upright. I saw those on ebay once and thought it was a great idea, for someone who cooks 🙂 Casting my vote for AJ’s as best crispy tacos, add them to your must do foodie list for San Pedro.

When I got back home my machine would not boot up again, it kept being stuck in some error mode and no matter which option we tried it would not restart. Thankfully Dick and Zac were doing an errand run as I just needed to get out of the house and not get bent out of shape over something I had no control over.

Thanks to Cindy for loaning me her laptop till I get sorted.

belize bars
AJ’s crispy tacos
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