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Tai Chi classes

Today was second tai chi class.

We spend most of our time right now doing chi gong warm ups and get to practicing the form at the end of class.

Before going to class our power was out, so I decided to read one of my tai chi books.

Here is a quote from John Lash’s book The Yin Of Tai Chi
So here we are, fishes in this great ocean that eternally flows without purpose, without reason, without goal. It is an ocean in which struggle and competition are useless. It is an ocean in which ambition has no place but cooperation with and appreciation of the value and beauty of each individual journey is necessary in order to attune oneself to the harmony of the whole.

This afternoon we started the mangrove replanting at the school. The goal is to help save mangroves that would otherwise be lost to construction. We started an natural wall bordering the school property. This will also help protect the environment as it will act as a filter so the fill will not go in the lagoon.



Replanted mangroves that will make a wall on the property line

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