Top Ten San Pedro Food Joints in Jan 2010 – a tacogirl Belize Listable

List updated Nov 2023 to reflect changes.

Carbunkle Trumpet, a world traveler, popular Blogger and big time foodie, who has also submitted 3rd tacogirl Top Ten listables.

If you have read his blog and seen his pictures you already know he is a foodie with saucy edge. His family have been long timers visiting Ambergris Caye making Carbunkle well qualified for a top ten food joints list. I am proud to day I have conquered everything on his list.

Top Ten joints you have to eat (so you can say you got the t-shirt)

1. Estelle’s for Breakfast – Great Place to enjoy a tasty breakfast and people watch on the beach, they also have killer weekend BBQ.

2. Waraguma – when in season the lobster burrito is a must try if you like seafood.

3. El Fogon – Great place to try unusual Belizean dishes like Gibnut. They also do Belikin Beer Battered fried Chicken on Tuesdays and their frozen Key lime Pie is a hit.

4. Street Vendors – Central park or look on side streets for some tasty street meat.

5. Tour Guide lunch on your own private section of beach. Nestor Cerpa is a great option.

6. Celie’s Deli for Johnny Cakes (by now tacogirl is wiping her keyboard because she is salivating all over it!)

*Ruby’s deli was also mentioned. It is no longer in existence and Ruby’s Hotel has new owners and is still under major renovations as of Nov 2023.

7. Pedro’s Pizza made by Walter. Pedro’s is now a Casino and Walter has not worked there for years.

8. Ali Baba’s used to be a popular place to get rotisserie chicken. It is long gone and Oh Bombay, a popular Indian restaurant has taken its place.

9.  Caramba is an long time middle street favorite. Stop by and see Louis who is usually the waiter standing out front to explain the available choices of fresh seafood on ice.

10. Lions Club BBQ on Friday night which also happens to be Bingo night.

I will leave you with a few pictures taken by Carbunkle to go with his “Top Ten San Pedro Food Joints” guest listable.

The damned bell at Pedro’s
Funky street food cart
BBQ lunch at Goffs Caye
Fried fish fingers from Celi’s Deli the best IMHO – Carbunkle Trumpet
Peter Graniel cooking up a fresh fish lunch.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten San Pedro Food Joints in Jan 2010 – a tacogirl Belize Listable

  1. tacogirl says:

    How funny we all have rave reviews about the same taco lady. Thanks for mentioning your other family favorites. I am adding Estel’s barbecue breakfast on Sundays to the list too – the live music and ribs were both excellent.

  2. Nancy says:

    We ate food in Central Park from the same lady you show above and it was really good. My sister said thet the rice and beans was the best that she had on the whole Island. Loved the pulled pork at Palapa’s. She really liked chicken quesadillas from Tackle Box.

  3. tacogirl says:

    Denise many of the tour companies offer beach BBQ up at Robles point it is a great trip. I have done it with 2 different companies so far – Seaduced and Chel Belle. It is probably an option with some of the fishermen too and independent guides like lil Aphonse or Clifford and Eric.

  4. tacogirl says:

    Quite possible Gwen. If you are up for contributing a tacogirl Top Ten fine dining list I will gladly post it. So many options for Top Ten food lists here.

  5. gwena says:

    I’m wondering if he is using the term “Joint” to refer to casual food, and not necessarily the “Fine Dining” thing….which would be another list…Up for it?

  6. tacogirl says:

    I agree food could be a top 20 or have a part 2. I have eaten Lions Den bbq before Gail for a fundraiser just not on a Friday night ha ha. Will have to go play bingo there at some point.

  7. Gail says:

    I am not sure I would say these are THE top ten.. maybe the list should be top twenty… BUT I can say that I have sampled foods at all of the place CBT mentioned. And agree that they fabulous!
    Tacogirl.. you really do need to get to the Lions BBQ.. Besides being a great value, the BBQ helps the Lions which is dedicated to helping the needy of the community among other things.
    Will be back soon for another tour around the great places to eat… counting the days. Gail 🙂

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