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Tacogirl Cake Party

Well today is the day I hit 40. My thoughts are the older you get the more fun life gets, Age is not a big deal to me and I really do not consider this much different than any other year.

We stayed out last night late and I woke up with a bad headache so I am grouchy right now (thankfully I was only drinking water or I would hate to think what kind of shape I would be in). I was supposed to go for a massage this morning and blew it off, just trying to feel better by the time we go to Maya and Colette’s, as it stands I wish I did not have any plans, nothing against them as I am sure lunch will be lovely.

Paul went out on a mission with Dick, and I am sitting here playing pirates.

I figured something was up when Paul came home. He told me my birthday present was a shopping spree at Amber Jewelery and that is where he was. I knew it did not take an hour and a half to do that with Dick and Carole in the golf cart. So when Carole drove us to the Royal Palms I suspected I was getting surprised. We got there and Herb was outside which was another big clue cause he mentioned on e-vite that he might not make it to my party at Pedro’s because he had a party to go to that afternoon.

Maya and Colette were at the pool hanging out then they faked John catching a nurse shark so we all had to go have a look and Surprise were were at a delightful beach bbq. Pedro supplied the chicken, Walter prepared it, Paul got a bunch of stuff and people brought pot luck. We stayed a while so I just had enough time to go home for a quick wash up and then off to Pedro’s,
no time to decorate there (I did not get to use pirate banner Leah-Ann)

Thanks all for the presents.

Arriving at bbq

John and Paul cooking up loads of food

Enjoying the beach

Alex and Miss Diane – Alex got a new bike for his birthday yesterday

Lara and her poi balls


Gerrard trying poi balls

Paul and I

Was a hot sunny day at the beach

Lots of people turned up

John and Lara

Good party


Steve John Maya and Colette

Amanda and Jamilla

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Laurie.. Hope your Cake Party was a blast. Can’t wait to see the pictures! and hear the stories 🙂

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