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Tackle Box Party

Yesterday I thought we would get a chance to just chill out at home. Often when I am thinking that it never turns out to be the case. Got a pm from Sin this aft asking if I could help decorate and take pictures for his sisters party at the tackle box, I wrote back and said count me in plus one.

Shortly after that Cindy mentioned she and Paul were hired to film a party tonight, I knew right away it was same one so we said we would see each other later. It was a great party and everyone had fun and we got to hang out with lots of people we know and re-connect with Sari who we had not talked to in a while it was great to see to her again.

That was the second cake party this week 2 more to go, Beth’s birthday stuff swap tomorrow and Dennis Wolfe’s birthday on Sunday at B.C.’s I am glad I have stopped drinking makes it much easier to go out all the time when I do not wake up feeling partied out the next day. I have only drank once in the last month at the big surprise party, unfortunately the mermaid gave me the kiss if death and make my stomach ache so that was enough of that.

On a side note Cindy and Pauls boat was stolen if you see this boat please help them get it back (3rd pic up from the bottom) …

Great location for a party

View outside the window

Miss Debra’s cake

For all you ceviche lovers – shrimp mmmmm

Miss Debra looking fine in her black dress

Sari and friends

Lyrical king

Open bar – lots of punch

Miss Deb and Miss Teresa

Lyrical king and Zac

Camera girl Cindy – why not get your vacation memories on dvd –

Lots of people having fun

Great time to meet people and socialize

Future drummers and Zac – Paul filming in background

All the musicians / bands were great

Wet Willy’s crew enjoying a night off

Miss Debra and Pirate

Grill master Lion cooking up some chicken and lobster

Kayleen (sp?) getting carried out the door

Miss Debra and her brother

Paul filming the band

Miss Debra and friends

What a great dress

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