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Very Important Reminder

Yesterday we were reminded how important it is to use surge protectors here on Ambergris Caye. We returned home from our Florida Vacation to find out our router was not working.  The other freaky power related thing that happened – we had our bedroom tv unplugged while away and when we plugged it back in it and went to turn it on it blacked out fast and then would do nothing. Thankfully after letting it sit a while it seemed to have fixed itself.

Its 5:30am and I am couch surfing – framing a post for later and transcribing the 16 pages of notes I wrote out last night when I could not be online working. I like being up when the house is quiet – sometimes I get a lot done.

When Paul woke up he got the idea to check a different plug and discovered that our router was in fact still working [yay] and that the fridge [also using same router plug] was not working. He checked breakers and found nothing so somehow that plug must have blown while we were away.

Note to Carole –  I am delayed on posting due to lack of internet.

Leaving you with pics of our trip home – Sarasota – Atlanta – Belize. Everything went smoothly the whole way through. When our Delta flight landed at Back to Philip Goldson Airport in Belize it was nice to be welcomed by 4 big planes – Taca – American Airlines – Continental and a  bee hive of activity at Tropic Air.

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