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Intercoastal Waterways

Today is our last day of vacation – Phil and Steph leave tomorrow as well. Norm decided to rent a boat and we are taking a four hour tour on the intercoastal waterways around Venice Florida. We started out at Siesta Key then passed by Stickney Point – Casey Key – Nokimis and Sarasota.

Along the way we went in search of Steven King’s Sarasota Florida home but found a really nice secluded beach instead. We saw a lot of Million dollar homes – some really cool boats – Osprey’s – Pelicans and a dolphin came right up to our boat.

Time to go Norm just got home with enough Chinese food to feed an army.

I got 2 fortune cookies tonight both with wise words. I think and that is all that I am and Attitudes is a little thing that makes a Big difference.

3 thoughts on “Intercoastal Waterways

  1. tacogirl says:

    Tell your wife that is exactly what we did Alan. I kept gravitating to pajamas and warm clothing there and apparently there were hear warnings going on here at the time. Dolphin was super cool still waiting for the 400, GBP [or any other large domination will do]

    Paul my step brother and step dad were following along with march madness while we were in Florida Forrest – they sort out who won the pot yet? You would have loved our boat ride on the waterway.

  2. Alan Slater says:

    Back to the ole grindstone again eh? Have never been to Venice FL. but have been to Venice, Italy. Your trip looks to have been a hoot with such a nice family. It sounds a bit in left field to say you went on vaca. to Florida, when you already live on a tropical island!!!!! My wife said maybe you went to cool down a bit!! And how about that dolphin, how fortunate can you get. Sighting a dolphin and so close, is a sign of good luck, so maybe that 400,000 GBP will turn up yet???!!!
    Alan S.

  3. Forrest Jones says:

    Fun pictures. I mean, have a little luxury, why not? But the dolphin meeting makes me really envious. Now get back here so Paul can grade the March Madness bracketology and say who won the pot!

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