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Surprise gone awry!!!

I was having a quiet afternoon at home when all of a sudden some of the message boarders got in a stir in mini chat and quickly changed that.

Ernie and klcman were arriving today and they all concocted a scheme for Keli to go to the airport with a sign to see them in. It was not long before they got me in on the plans to snap some pictures – she is even getting zone bars for doing it.

By the time Keli arrived to pick me up we had figured out that they were still in Belize City so we had a few min to spare. When we got to the airport Keli was jumping up with her sign everytime a plane landed and we were cracking up cause we kept getting false alarms. while waiting, we also found out they were not on the same plane, so that kind of threw things off a bit. We got to see Ernie land first then klcman came in shortly after.

The message board thread on surprising Ernie and klcman is a hoot and worth checking out.

False alarm

Waiting patiently sign in hand

3rd time is a charm

Holding sign high

Ernie beat klcman to San Pedro

Sign time again

klcman’s plane


klcman and keli


  1. cath – keli and anon yes to all your comments.

  2. That Kelli is one hot tamale!

  3. I DO Belize Weddings

    Was fun!

  4. E’s face is priceless!

  5. Ha Ha glad you liked it Nova we had fun.

  6. What a scream!!! You guys rock!

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