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Sunset Sail

The date kept changing back and forth and finally Carole said how about tonight? Fate was on our side – the Seaduction Catamaran was available and we managed to pull it together fast. After the boat a few of us were feeling peckish so we went to Hurricanes on Tanisha Tours Dock. The food was good but it took a bit to long to arrive . I think there may have been a small mix up with our order – they did recognize it and gave us some complimentary cheese nachos so we would not go into starvation mode.

Getting ready for the pool it is a gorgeous day – more later.

Class was extra funny today – we had a mini bi@ch session about the Belize Dairy Embargo and how it is time to stock up on decent cheese before it all goes away. We were also talking about how we need more noodles for the class. Maureen and I both agreed that the duty could not have been that high on the last ones she had sent in because we would have remembered her making a palarva [big fuss] about it.

My package arrived yesterday at Mail Boxes so I decided to go pick it up. As headed out of town after I my errand, I was contemplating what to do about dinner when I saw JD and Wade on the porch at lime. Problem solved I ordered up 2 of those big mac everyone has been raving about. I have to say we were very impressed Wade got the big mac essence down and the burger was sturdier and actually tasted better. The fries passed the test too because they were still crispy when I got home.

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