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Sunday Night

Simon posted this:
Listen to Reef Radio at for regular reports. I’m told the 10 to 6 report will be very important tonight.

We are going to Paul and Cindy’s tonight for a get together.

We are listening on the Crank Radio Erin gave us. I will bring it with us tonight.

Beth just popped us and said Sharon Boyde’s house is being boarded up now.

7:23 pm
Carole coming to get us to go to Paul and Cindy’s. Just talked to Lara at Bc’s and she said there is a party at Wet Willy’s tonight.

12:39 pm
One of the topics of conversation that came up tonight was that people are noticing changes in Animals lately. This is a way for us to track what is going on as animals always know ahead of time when something is coming.

We are not playing Go Big or Go Home right now. Everyone is solidifying plans and we’ve got the network ready to communicate in msn messenger tomorrow morning to get a final tally.

Cindy – Paul – Herb – Zach – Carole – Dick – Lara – Paul – Myself were the people at Cindy’s tonight. Colette called to check in.

Carole’s Bag was just Stolen – She lost $600 – phone – camera if any of her friends and family out there want to send her a donation via paypal please mention her name in the headder.

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