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Clothing Explosion

It looked like TJ Max exploded on Pedro’s pool table last night. Everyone scored well at the stuff swap – and peoples take home piles grew fast.

I was happy to clear out a good amount of stuff and only took one thing home. Lara was pleased to see a top she had donated at a previous swap made it back again – reuse recycle. Naomi was ecstatic over a bag of tiaras and princess shoes that turned up courtesy of travelqueen who brought a whole suitcase of clothes down for the swap. When Bella arrived Naomi decided to share her treasure – every time I looked at the girls they were wearing a different tiara and a big grin.

We had a thin crust white pizza with peperoni & green peppers and garlic cheese sticks – super tasty. Pedro rang the bell a couple of times and Forrest rang it once for a Jager toast to his new grandson Otis.


  1. Boy! Was that a great night or what!? These pictures came out real nice. The one with Paul and the shorts brought a tear to my eye.

  2. It was a good night Mike glad you came. Jana asked it that was Captain Underpants on fb.

  3. Carbunkle Trumpet

    Why does Paul have my swim trunks?

  4. lol so you are the real captain underpants I should have guessed.

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