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Spectacular sunset

I was coming home from picking up dinner at Gordo’s and got sidetracked taking pictures in our yard. As I came around to the west side of the yard I was hit with a texture and brilliant color explosion from a very spectacular sunset.

We split a pork burrito and lg coleslaw it was good but the coleslaw was a bit creamy for my taste. If we were very hungry we would have needed 2 burritos – total cost $19 bzd.

James Blunt You’re beautiful is playing at the Black and White bar right now – I have been enjoying hearing their music since we moved in. Last night Paul and I were laying in bed and I was laughing at what they were playing like Air Supply Lost in Love. Then they went onto some really cool Spanish music.


  1. rump loved the roller rink

    oregonhiker was just amazing sight to see – glad I was able to share.

  2. Wow – what amazing sunset shots. I love a cool and complex layered sky like that – and you caught it at just the perfect time w/nice sunset colors.

  3. i don’t know what you canadians did in your elementary school years,but every time i hear air supply,i immediately regress to hearing “couple skate,couple skate only” broadcast over the speakers at the local roller rink,and instinctively think i need to check my hair and make sure the “flybacks” are in place….oh gotta go-it’s time to play pac-man.

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