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tacogirl Bling


I just love the internet – met so many cool people right from the privacy of my own home (including tacoboy when we lived in Canada).  Recently I crossed paths with Sofa City Sweetheart on expat blog site. She was interested to learn more about the local music scene in San Pedro Belize. Through our correspondence I found out and she makes custom  jewelery. Of course I was totally into that idea – so it’s official I now have my own line of bling. Her stuff is very reasonably priced and she does a few different kinds of jewelery including custom made regretsy inspired pieces and clocks – you can go to Sofa City Sweethearts tacogirlBelize page to check it out. I was just surfing her site and found a Day of the Dead ring that I fell in love with – mod orange dots cocktail ring and retro guitar cocktail ring are cool too. If you to go Sofa City Sweethearts home page and click on Jewelery tab you will find an option to easily view her whole line at once.

I sent Sofa City some pictures this afternoon – she liked them a lot and and we are  in the works of expanding tacogirl line with some fabulous Belize Picture Jewelery – I can’t wait.

Custom tacogirl bling by Sofa City Sweethearts

tacogirl bling by Sofa City Sweethearts


  1. tacogirl March 15, 2010

    Thanks RumShopRyan – got to love Shwag.

  2. RumShopRyan March 15, 2010

    Too cool! I have to get me some RSR shwag!


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