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Ethics, vision and love always win. I was going to blog that in last Thursdays post but for some reason it did not seem like the right time and I decided to contemplate the phrase a bit more. Between the time when I first read that line in my marketing book last week to now I have come to the conclusion (as a result of being thrown into a difficult situation) that it is sound advice. Love what you do – have a strong vision and build yourself on a solid foundation.

Today I have a short story on the life of a sim card in San Pedro. It started out with Courtney and was well used and enjoyed during her time living here. When she left she passed it along to me knowing it was a valuable commodity and I managed to somehow keep it from expiring. Then Lara lost her phone and needed a chip so I gave it to her on a long term loan. She got a lot of use from it but ended up getting a new smart phone. I asked her for the chip back as I knew it would come in handy with everyone visiting. Next in line came my cousin – I knew she did not care for a phone while here but the odd time it was handy that we could keep in touch. Then Courtney came back and was surprised her number was still in use and available for her. We just got it back from her Sunday and handed it off to Cherie as Jeff hit town and will need a number when he is here. That is a lot of mileage from one $50 phone chip.

One Love Grocery Store
One Love Grocery Store

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