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Small World Story from Nebraska to San Pedro Belize

Today brings a great small world email story from Matt who has been coming to San Pedro for 11 years and as so many do he fell in love San Pedro Belize, so much so that he decided to get married here. Below is part of the email I got from Matt yesterday, he is big into genealogy and researching his family history unexpectedly led him to back to Belize.

Do you know if Ramon Nunez has a son, nephew, cousin or any other relation named Andre or Andreas?

The reason for my question is a funny story. One of my hobbies is genealogy. My wife would probably call it an obsession. Regardless, I came into possession of a family history book of a family line that is related to me albeit a bit distantly. Going through the book, I came across a fourth cousin who got married in San Pedro to one Andre or Andreas Nunez. It’s hard to make out the first name. It really could be either. I don’t have the information in front of me right now but if memory serves, he would likely be in his 50s. I can get his age and marriage date if needed.

It’s a small world, I’m telling you! It would be enormously ironic if a cousin of mine married a close relative of Ramon. I’d like to know for sure and thought you’d be a good place to start asking.


My answer to Matt was to set him up in a group email with Dorian, after all who better than the Ambergris Today  news paper editor and a Nunez himself to help solve the mystery. Dorian was quick to get  back to us and was able to answer Matt’s question.

Hello Matt,

I believe I have the answer for you. Andres Nunez was married to J, yes. He is my cousin and nephew to Mr. Ramon Nunez.

Andres is son of Mr. Cruz Nunez (deceased) who is brother to Mr. Ramon Nunez.
Dorian Nunez, Editor

Dorian and Laurie,

Thank you so much for your help and the information! I really appreciate it. It really is a small world!

Here I’m just a guy from Nebraska working on his family genealogy from Iowa. I stumbled across a book last week while in Iowa that I didn’t even know existed before then. I’ve enjoyed visiting Belize since 2002 and got married there. Ramon visited our table at the restaurant where we had our after wedding dinner. It ends up that in this book, I discover a relative of mine (granted, she’s a distant relation) that got married to the nephew of Ramon in San Pedro.

Just crazy! Thanks again!

Here are a few pics from Matt and Karen’s wedding at 4 miles south Casa Hol Chan back  in 2010. I had forgotten that had Ramon decided to come to our table and congratulate the happy couple while we were doing dinner at El Divino after their beach wedding. It really is a small word.

belize wedding
Ramon wishing Matt and Karen well at their wedding dinner
beach wedding
House where they stayed and had a lovely beach wedding 4 miles south
romantic beach wedding in belize
Perfect spot for a romantic beach wedding

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