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Sleepy Saturday morning

I just asked Sandra if she wanted to do anything today let us know. Her reply was… yeah I want to sleep and do nothing right now – which turned out perfect as it just started to rain. We figure it’s her vacation so she can call the shots – no point in being busy every second of your trip if you don’t want to.

Rain did not last long. Sandra and I are watching Leave it to Beaver. Paul just took Molly to the store to get me a ginger ail – my stomach is a bit upset. Molly was super excited when Paul got her leash out – she has not walked that far in days due to being banished to house rest cause of her leg.

Sandra wanted to go shopping in town so I sent her off map in hand on my bike. She came home with some gifts for friends and forgot the cowboy hat she originally was going to buy. Said she went back to DandE’s for more frozen custard and Hungry Monkey subs.

Don’t forget FOTHS yard sale/ fund raiser for SAGA humane society is on tomorrow [Sunday] morning 8am – 12pm. Well worth going to the park for some great bargains – food and prizes – not to mention seeing all your friends.

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