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Slap Happy

Still feeling slap happy in regards to mosquitoes here right now. Many agree this is the worst it has been in a long long time. I may have said this recently but it is worth repeating. If you are planning a trip here anytime soon please remember to pack your bug spray. If you get a good sale happening and you feel to bring an extra one I am sure your hotel staff or someone you know/meet would appreciate a spare.

I am to decorating only 2 booths now and Pedro’s for his official night. I just got done ordering decorations and while I do not mind online shopping it is always a bit time consuming and stressful to make sure I got it all and trying to keep the price down.

Miss Colette just send me some wonderful information regarding 2 different things. I will post the Be Kind Belize one today and keep you in suspense about the other till tomorrow.

Be Kind Belize Awards – Kind Kids in San Pedro

Be Kind Belize, the humane education programme, is delighted to announce that kindness is spreading in San Pedro. This year, nearly 60 children participated in the programme at Holy Cross Anglican School and Island Academy.

During the programme, the children are encouraged to understand the meaning of kindness and generosity. The children are able to choose, as part of the programme, who they believe are the kindest in their class. Through a reward system, participating students learn that kindness and generosity are good things.

In each class there is one winner and one runner up, who are able to participate in Be Kind Belize summer prize scheme. The prizes for this year’s programme have been generously sponsored by Astrum Helicopters and Sail Sports Belize. The winners will be taking a helicopter ride this summer on an Astrum Helicopter and get the opportunity to see how precious their environment is and why it is so important to protect it. The runners up will spend half a day with Sail Sports Belize learning how to sail a Hobie Catamaran and get the chance to sail one themselves so that they can get firsthand experience of the beautiful seas that surround us.

The winners of the Kind Kids Awards 2010 are:

Island Academy
Kind Kid Award Winners – Kyla Couch & Doran Sanchez
Kind Kid Award Runners Up – Doris Soriano & Faith Edgar

Holy Cross Anglican School
Kind Kid Award Winners – Renisha Mendez & Omar Gonzalo
Kind Kid Award Runners Up – Dioni Moh, Delvorene Zuniga & Julian Trapp

Last week the children from Standard IV at Holy Cross Anglican School Graduated. As part of their graduation, they were required to write and produce their own puppet play based on the things they learned during the Be Kind Belize lessons.

This year the boys put on a play about gangs, but these gangs were cats and dogs. The dogs were angry because the cats had called them stupid and so they had a big fight. They then realized that they were all the same deep down inside and decided to become friends singing ‘We are Family!’.

The girls, not to be outdone, decided to forgo the puppets they had made and used the stuffed animals in the school library instead. They put together a story about a farmer who loved his animals dearly but had run out of money to feed them. With help from his animal friends, he was able to find money again and they were all able to eat and live happily ever. They sang their own rendition of ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’.

Be Kind Belize is a free programme, designed to complement the Belize National Curriculum. It is available to any school that would like to introduce the concept of kindness to their pupils. Volunteers are always welcome. If you would like more information about how your school could participate in Be Kind Belize or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Colette Kase on 226 4366. Email: BeKindBelize@gmail[dot]com

Be Kind Belize at Holy Cross School

Be Kind Belize at Holy Cross School

Be Kind Belize at Holy Cross School

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