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Show some love for Drummer Dan

Went to the school today. Boca Del Rio, School and San Mateo and School were not as wet as I expected. Ran into Steve and some volunteers, just coming back from San Mateo, he said the water had gone down quite a bit since yesterday.

When I got home Shuffles popped me asking if I had anything to send to Belizegail in Dangriga. I was rushing around trying to do last minute internet stuff cause of planned power outage, not realizing that town would only be out a few minutes as they were going on generator.

We walked south down the beach to get some pics and stopping at Changes in Latitudes to drop off a bag of stuff and enjoy some delicious home made cookies.

Continued on to Road Kill to meet Paul H who was not there – first person I saw was Drummer Dan – asked how he was doing and he replied not so well. Unfortunately due to Albert all his clothing got soaked and moldy. I told him hang on a sec and I quickly walked back to Changes in Latitudes and they gave me a clean shirt for him. Dan was very grateful after having worn the same sweatshirt for 2 days. I asked him what his size was and mentioned I would post on the blog if anyone wanted to bring him a care package – he asked me to let you all know he was willing to wear anyones company logo and do some free advertising.

If you are coming to town anytime soon and want to help out, Dan wears size XL shirts or t-shirts and 36 shorts. Can’t wait to see what kind of funky shirts people bring to dress Drummer Dan.

Paul H turned out to be across the road at Canucks – he waved us over from the parking lot so we went to join him.

After that we went onto Rico’s at Banyan Bay to meet up with Cindy, Sharon and a few of blog readers that were staying there.

Brat pack at Sharon’s place now – we are having a very silly lobsterfest meeting to further plan our booth. Sharon sends a shout out to Beth – we all wish you were here dancing around the living room with us.

I will leave you with some pictures of Boca Del Rio – the area just north of the bridge and a bit south of town. To see more pictures please visit Holy Cross Belize blog

Puddles in Boca Del Rio area

Wet roads

Wet roads


Big puddles

School dried out a bit since yesterday

Puddles at school

Work goes on – computer lab being built

What a cutie

3 girls

Goofing around

Ambushed for pictures

Riding home

Time to walk bike

Water neat the bridge

Palapa down

Lot’s of sea grass washed up

Roots exposed a bit

Beached boat

Boats on land

Sand erosion

Walking south

Walking south


Crooked boat

Boys cleaning fish – life goes on

Got a level?

More sea grass

Bring a funky Shirt for Drummer Dan

Heading to Rico’s

Paul – John – Sharon

7 thoughts on “Show some love for Drummer Dan

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hey RM good to hear from you. I never see you online any more. Hope you are well too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pam I am just glad to see you are ok . Hadnt heard or seen you in awhile til I ran this taco girl blog thing down . Glad to see you doing ok . Love ya Roamingmom

  3. tacogirl says:

    I am not sure why Drummer Dan was not able to wash his clothing. After hearing his story (he was not at his place where his stuff was and Dennisito went down and found his drums floating in water at 4 am and all his boxes packed to move were soaked), I was not going to volunteer to try and get the mold out using laundry buckets which is our main source of laundry so I just volunteered to blog it for him instead which he was grateful for. We also sent stuff to the mainland.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t drummer dan just wash his clothes,and donate those funky shirts to the people that really need them.

  5. tacogirl says:

    It is Beth since you are in on what are decorations look like so you can imagine how funny we all were last night.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey there! Lobsterfest preparation sounds fantastic. I’m expecting a big win.


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