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Shout out to Cindy and Maurice

Shout out to Cindy and Maurice today – Cindy’s party pics. Been blogging all morning and it is time for a breakfast break and finish my iced coffee. This is one of those times I wish a taco or something yummy would magically appear – and it did Walters Chicken barbecue from the fundraiser was awaiting me. I did not eat it yesterday as we went to the grand opening of Legends Burger House and had a Bob Marley instead. Funny thing on the way there with Paul & Cindy in Walters Cart – I was thinking I would have a Bob Marley and when we got across the bridge there was Sushi Sharon and Casidy’s dog Bob Marley so he caught a ride with us back to the party.

I have included a few pics of changes going on around town in Wet Willy’s Tanisha Tours area – anyone living here know more details on this building? If so please share comments.

New Building

Interesting design

New Construction - relatively

2 thoughts on “Shout out to Cindy and Maurice

  1. tacogirl says:

    That is great info Remo thanks a lot. We have had some good times upstairs and downstairs at El Patio. Please keep us posted as to when Patrick’s place is finished if you happen know first – also a name would be good.

  2. Remo says:

    My good buddy Patrick is building a family type place with lots of foods (ceviche, bbq, burgers) and drinks (he is the agent for red stripe beer). They will close at 10:00pm he told me. But, that might change?

    He use to own the El Patio lounge on top of the Caribbean Connections internet cafe on barrier reef drive. His girlfriend’s family owns the El patio restaurant.

    Remember that hang out spot?

    They hope to finish by New Years Eve. Hopefully.

    You need any more info?


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