Stationary Store San Pedro

Yesterday Mitch and I decided to hop on Lara’s errand run and get a few of our own in there. Stopped in to see Tammy but she was on her own errands so we continued on and got back to hummingbird later for our iced frappucino’s. If you want to get on Tammy’s mailing list to get notified of her food and drink specials just email tammyinbelize[at]yahoo[dot]com For those of you who enjoy helping the school kids but do not always have extra space in your luggage or just want to help the local economy – consider Ritchie’s stationary shop. It is right around the corner from the super market – just go around the statue and down the side street look left you can’t miss it. They have a decent selection of school supplies and craft stuff – some things are reasonably priced and it helps everyone by shopping local when you can. If you have hot card you can save 10% – I saved $4.18 on my purchase.

Lara’s Lemon Crush Belize website is looking good. Her launch party is coming up quickly – we are all looking forward to that. The boys at the post office were happy to get an invitation.

Getting stuff done in preparation for Lemon Crush launch party
Frappucino time

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