September Celebrations

September Celebrations Calendar of Events 2017

Our young (36 years) and vibrant country is gearing up for September Celebrations with this years theme being, Belize – confronting challenges, celebrating triumphs and renewing our resolve.

Countrywide, numerous cultural, religious, and sporting events are being held from the beginning of September up to the big finale on Independence Day, September 21st. This is a very patriotic month and many people show their pride decorating homes and businesses in the country’s colors; blue, red, and white.

September Celebrations Calendar

Here are some of the many events going on this month that are worth the traveling around the country to see:

September 8th – Military Tattoo; Santa Elena Sporting Complex Cayo District. This event will feature the Belize Defense Force, the Police Department and the Fire Department preforming a series of tactical displays including hostage rescue, battle and more. Entrance fee $10 for adults and $5 for children.

Also this same day a Military Parade will be held in Belmopan starting at 10:00 a.m. showcasing the BDF and the Coast Guard.

September 9th and 10th – Fishing Tournament hosted by Chabil Mar Resort in Placencia Village. The two-day Marelco Yamaha Fishing Tournament is a chance for anglers to compete in a number of different categories: Kingfish, Barracuda, Jack, Wahoo, Dorado and Tuna.

September 9th – Carnival Road March If you like parades and people watching head to Belize City for this one. 

September 10 th – St. George’s Caye Day. Festival held in honor of the Battle of St. George’s Caye where the Spanish were driven from the area in 1798. Street festivals are held nationwide which include food, live music, and a reenactment on the actual site.

September 10th – Coronation of the Queen of the Bay Pageant winner, Aaliyah Amber Ysaguirre.

September 16th – Mexican National Day held in the northern towns of Orange Walk and Corozal because of their Mexican influence, the townspeople cross over into Mexico and visit with family and friends across the border.

September 16th and 17th – Expo Belize Market Place, ITVET Campus Grounds, Freetown Road Belize City, Formerly the Festival Grand Market, this event is the largest consumer trade show in the country and a welcomed addition to the September celebrations calendar.

September 17th – Belize Horse Race in Burrell Boom 1:30 pm.

September 20th – At midnight on the in Belize City, a flag raising ceremony takes place to bring in Independence Day. There will also be a celebration in San Pedro and late night fireworks.

September 21st – The day’s event includes a parade with local bands playing on the truck beds, locally known jump-ups (people following the trucks, dancing). After the parade, a street festival takes place where live bands perform. Traditional Belizean cuisine will be served, along with music, dance, and cultural displays. In San Pedro the [parade will finish in Central Park with a big party including live music and a helicopter candy drop.

This one is outside the regular celebration time frame, but worth mentioning:

September 23rd – BDF (Belize Defence Force) Pistol Shooting Competition. BDF range near Ladyville;
This annual marksmanship challenge was initially only open to military personnel. Since 1998 the BDF invites civilians from pistol clubs to see who can lock and load, unload and reload the fastest, and of course, who can shoot the best.

Independence Day Parade

Belize Independence Day
Parade shade is very important
Belize Independence Day
Birdseye balcony view
Belize Independence Day
Kids love the parade
Belize Independence Day Parade
32nd Independence Day Parade
independence day parade san pedro belize
Friends celebrating on a float
belize independence day
Years back, Parade used to start down by Romans

I thought San Pedro Independence Day parade was massive (and it is) until I went to Belize City for Carnival Road March, happening September 9th this year.

What to do in Belize City
Carnival Road March
Belize City
Pink Lady by Kendall
Carnival Parade Belize City
Annual Carnival Road March
Things to do in Belize City
Celebrating September in Belize

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