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Scheduling on Belize time

Still trying to get organized for Cinco de Mayo – yay and ugh at the same time. Always fun to throw a huge party in the name of a good cause. We keep simplifying to make it as easy as humanly possible and it is still a huge amount of work. Thanks goes out to anyone who has in any way helped.

I have decided this year to just keep doing the best I can and not let frustration set in – which is quite a feat when all things are considered.

Scheduling is on the menu today and thanks to Chris at Casa Picasso and Barrington and the islanders, I have 2 spots out of 6 filled in. I hope to do better after the meeting.

Lara just coconut phoned me and offered a ride to Wet Willy’s noon meeting. Hooray – that means I will run over to Sol Spa now and get their gift certificates.

Meeting was all over the place but still good. Thanks to all who came out and volunteered to help day of the party and got friends involved as well.

We have some great musicians coming out for the event, Gino, Ted, Drummer Jim Adam, Zac, Barrington and the Islanders, Calvin, Lyrical King and 3 great Auctioneer / mc’s Sari Chris and Lara and loads of great prizes being auctioned and raffled off.

Will post prize list soon.

For Chloe my first bcb sighting

2 thoughts on “Scheduling on Belize time

  1. Cath says:

    Is that a bobcat or a bobkitten? He seems so small next to you (and I know that vous êtes très très petite!)

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