Scenic Drive

by tacogirl
belize red cross medical safety program

I have not had time to even look at my Playa del Carmen pictures since I dumped them all on my Mexico flash drive, but I promise I will get to blogging the trip and Taste of Playa 2012 soon.

It’s official Dick is leaving for Antarctica in 10 days so we have begun our joyrides in Darth Vader [aka Zac’s cart] and plan to get as many in as possible before he leaves. The following photo gallery is from our some of ride yesterday. We did some stuff in town then finished off with Neri’s tacos and a trip over to the other side of the airstrip [San Pablo] area.

karen brodie
A Little Hammock Fun by Karen Brodie Photography
dale wallace junior san pedro belize
Dale's mechanic shop in San Juan
belize food
Creole shrimp
dragonfly pottery made by belize artist ruby hand
Dragonfly pottery Artisan Ruby hand

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