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Saturday Action

We made it to the fundraiser at BC’s beach bar but unfortunately missed the food. We were still able to get raffle tickets though and most important we were there when Lori Purdy made an appearance. It was great to see her and in spite of all she has been through she was looking great.  She brought her x-rays so we could all see the pins – wow.

Afterwards we made it to the Diamond Jubilee party at Catamaran Beach Bar. Ruth and Graham did a fantastic job for the party and the pibil was out of this world as were the jalapeno poppers. Since there were about 8 people’s birthdays around the same time, they had cupcakes and a lovely cake as well.

Thanks to Maureen for packing her camera and sending me a few pics to post this morning.

volunteer belize
Lori Purdy came for a visit
volunteer trips
We were all excited to see her
belize medical
Checking out the x-rays
caribbean villas hotel
Diamond Jubilee party at Catamaran beach bar

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