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Living in Belize

Sarasota Kennel Club


Last night we went to the Miss Whirl Clubhouse at the Sarasota Kennel Club. Paul and I had never been to Greyhound races before – it was fun. I almost won on a long shot but when the dogs were coming out for show first my mom said wrapitup fiesta had his head down and looked like he had low self esteem – silly me I listened and he ended up winning the race.  After that she decided he was not the only one with his head down and it probably did not mean anything.

Norm decided we would make the 9th race our last one – I picked beach buggy to win and was on the money with that one.


  1. tacogirl April 3, 2011

    There were 2 dogs that looked like Sandy there. Paul and I said someone should do a dog race fundraiser on the island.

  2. carole April 2, 2011

    Did you see sandy ????? LLOL


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