San Pedro Sailing School Belize

San Pedro Sailing Club First Sailing Lessons

San Pedro Sailing Club

The first sailing lessons this summer for the youth of San Pedro will begin at 10:00 AM on Monday, July 11, at Sailsports Belize, on the beach at Caribbean Villas Resort.

The media and all interested parties are welcome and cordially invited to attend. Andy Milner, Commodore of the San Pedro Sailing Club, will be available to answer your questions in informal rap sessions.

Interesting piece on Yacht Pals online boating community site this morning about Cruising Guatemala: Sailing up the Rio Dulce. This trip is one Andrew Miliner just did – he came back with rave reviews about how good it was. Rio Dulce is on a river at the border of Guatemala and Honduras. The river is off the coast from the Caribbean Sea that leads 20+ miles inland to two lakes.

2 thoughts on “San Pedro Sailing Club First Sailing Lessons

  1. tacogirl says:

    Keep saving Christy. Where are you flying from? Just think about the day when you step off the plane and you get the tropical smell of Belize filling you up.

  2. Christy says:

    I like your blog! I’m coming to San Pedro to see my best friend in the whole world in Dec. She & her husband moved there last year.
    It is a pricey airfare for a lowly white collar working girl like me, lol, but I’ve been picking up some bartending hours so I can make it work.
    I am so excited, & reading your posts keep my dreams alive so I can keep saving. Thanks!!

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