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Experience Belize

I totally enjoyed a great “Belize Experience” today. I was working away at my desk and I heard someone calling out while riding down our road. I recognized the voice immediately – grabbed my pink basket some money and my camera and went to wait for the fruit and vegetable man to pass by on his way back down our street.

I totally enjoyed the experience of doing my fruit and vegetable grocery shopping right out front of our gate – bought half a watermelon 2 plantains and a jicima [sweet, root vegetable that looks like a turnip]. I was happy to learn that we have daily service sometime between 10:00am and 12:00pm. Cindy was pleased when I told her too and listed off all the things she would buy from veggie man on a regular basis.

san pedro grocery


san pedro grocery

Riding down the road

san pedro grocery

Heading South

san pedro grocery

Veggie shopping made easy


  1. I always see jicamas at Wal Mart. I’ve been tempted to buy one, out of curiosity. But I have no clue what to do with it.

  2. I just peel and eat raw Carrie. You can cook them though.

  3. How cool is this,.. travelling veggies. Jicama is great.. I like them raw. Can’t wait to get my hands on the BZ ones..

  4. PS is it easy to find molasses in San Pedro? Want to make some sweet bread with red river cereal while I am there, as a treat for my brother and prefer not to have to cart the molasses with me..

  5. Emily (@EmilySNC)

    I haven’t bought jicama in years, but it’s delish. Just peel, chop coarsely, and throw it in any salad. Similar to water chestnut. I’ve never had it cooked.

  6. It is the simple things like this that make living in a place like Belize so dang fantastic.


  7. I love catching the vendors coming down the street. I wish we had someone selling veggies… that would be awesome!

  8. The website is very good! Congratulations!

  9. I have no idea on molasses Gail I bet Shuffles will know if you facebook her.

  10. the one I had yesterday was perfect

  11. That is a good idea Emily never thought to put it on salad

  12. Hi Gail,
    It is possible to find molasses here! If not in small stores the biggest one while carry it. I bought some 2 weeks ago.. my kids like it on toast..:) Enjoy baking!

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