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Rainy San Pedro Weather

Gray skies were not going keep me from going to Mathieu’s Delicatessen pre-opening. Luckily Dick popped me on the coconut phone asking if I wanted to do errands in town. After our first stop at the Tech Transylvania it started pouring pretty good – enough to keep us standing under the awning for 5 min waiting for it to let up.

Next stop was Mathieu’s Deli we ran into Linda – Robbie and Matt. Gunter and Anna had all kinds of yummy samples for everyone to taste. We both bought some of Gunter’s delicious bread – Dick got whole wheat for Carole and I bought rustic white with tomato and Garlic to make salami and cheese sandwiches.

We finished off picking up a few things at different shops around town and getting some empty boxes from Shuffles on the way home. Rain  showers were off and on the whole time we were out. The sky was trying to clear up a bit Рno such luck it is looking like rain again.

12 thoughts on “Rainy San Pedro Weather

  1. tacogirl says:

    I am sure they did learn a lot there and from their previous work history as well according to their resume. We are all always learning new things.

  2. Jana says:

    Hey Laurie!

    Are the prices in the pics US or Belize? This is my kinda place! I love fresh rustic breads!

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