Belize weather

We got Wet

San Pedro is wet, we  had 4 inches of rain yesterday and getting more right now. The roads are totally waterlogged and many people have small lakes in their yards. Cindy, Paul and I decided to enjoy the wet weather and take the dogs to the beach.

While walking we noticed how much old garbage had washed up due to the stormy weather.  A lot of it was old, small bits and pieces. We also did some label reading along the way and saw a lot of the garbage that was not our own, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and U.K.

Soon as  we get a dryer spell it will be time to start doing some beach clean up.

10 thoughts on “We got Wet

  1. Remo says:

    Foreign garbage has always washed up on Belizean shores. Weather conditions like what we had the past few days is the obvious culprit indeed.

    One would be amazed at how far “things” travel on the ocean currents.

  2. al salter says:

    Well I supposed it could have been gripped and carried to Belize by a Costa Rican swallow, but they tend to be non migratory.

  3. tacogirl says:

    What I am saying is that for sure not all the beach garbage is from Belize and a lot of it is washed up from other countries, we saw lots of items that are not for sale here. Some of it could be cruise ship trash too.

  4. al salter says:

    Are you implying that a plastic bottle was trown into the sea by a Salvadoran fisherman and said item traversed the Panama canal and floated to Ambergris? ha!

  5. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Hey that toilet seat is from Memphis Tennessee! Hold onto it and when we come down in March we will bring it home so Momma can have a place to ‘rest’!

  6. Emily says:

    Great photos of the flooding, Laurie. It’s really amazing to me. Sure hate to see all that awful plastic. Think of all the sea creatures and birds that think those colorful little pieces are food and eat it. For every bit that washes up, there are many more that stay in the ocean. A crying shame.

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