San Pedro Water Shortage

Got talking with Monel in Mexico on the coconut phone about the current water shortage here in San Pedro. Doing Dishes and washing up ok -though I would not be pleased if I was in a restaurant kitchen. Flushing toilets good for the most part today – shower just barely and laundry not a chance. Almost makes me feel like I putting a bucket out and catch some of the rain – will go close a few windows instead.

Might write some more later.

The first pic below was taken when me standing in the shower aiming my non waterproof camera at the shower head and the water being full on.

San Pedro Belize Water Shortage

San Pedro Belize Water Shortage

I took this third picture in response to Cat’s comment about coming in May and hoping the water was better. This was taken an hour or so after the first pictures. Just goes to show how in and out it has been this weekend. Hopefully they will get the problem fixed asap or we will have mountains of laundry piling up.

Water pressure is decent again

8 thoughts on “San Pedro Water Shortage

  1. tacogirl says:

    I bet walking across the deck in a towel does not get you as many looks as your pink speedo does ha ha. At our last house we were on well water so we did not have an issues there when city water was out. We put a fountain pump in the well to stop the stinky smell that reappears every so often and it worked great.

  2. carbunkle Trumpet says:

    I always found that when there is a problem with the water system (broken pipe not found or pressure problems) that those who are more in the city proper dont’ have as many problems. Also that the pressure is better in the morning for some reason.
    Holiday is on the city water and also on a well. I recall a couple of times having to take a shower in another room because of the water pressure was better. Of course walking across the deck in a towel does get some looks!

  3. tacogirl says:

    When you turn on your tap and nothing comes out – makes you realize just how essential it is. Hopefully we will have an end to the disappearing acts soon.

  4. erin says:

    H2O is magical

    and cO2 is carbon and two oxides

    also magical and quite essential for life

    count your blessings

  5. tacogirl says:

    I will look into that thanks Liz. Loosing water off and on temporarily is a great reminder for appreciating it when you have it.

  6. liz melton says:

    Laurie, the April issue of National Georaphic is all about water. Water Water Water. It is fascinating. You can probably read alot of the articles online.

  7. Cat says:

    Oh my God that worries me since we are vacationing in San Pedro the first week of May. Having long hair I kind of need to wash it after being in the ocean all day.

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