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Stir crazy


Now that the cold front is over I am really wanting to be finished with what ever it is and I am finally starting to feel better [and a bit stir crazy]. Paul called Dr Dan yesterday to tell him I was almost done my meds and update how I was developing. Dr Dan told him that since I had come in more people have had same symptoms and that there is definitely a virus going around and that I need to just keep resting.

My goal is to feel better enough to pop by Trivia Thurs night for a bit [Roadkill Bar 8pm] I know a few message boarders will be there and it will be good to catch up with everyone and say hi.

Update from CG Esthetic – keeping San Pedro beautiful.

Hi Everyone,

I just want to let you know that that we did the draw last night for the CG Esthetic Valentine raffle. The first prize was a couple’s massage and the winner was Sylvie Lepine, the second prize was 100.00 of products and the winner Pam Morill . Congratulation to both of you!

In the mean time I would like to let you know that I have some ticket for sale for the fashion show on feb 19 at Coco Loco bar( just north of the bridge) .This fashion show is a fundraising for Mama Vilma ‘s Family Home. This will be a shelter for women and children . The fashion show is at 4-6 pm they will be door prizes and a tray passed appetizers, fun and fashion for adults of all ages. the ticket are 20.00 . Pre- purchased tickets cover Bridge toll waived. I will be there to help doing hair and make up.so far i heard there will be 20 models womens and guys. I have 19 ticket left they have to be gone, this is for the good cause .

You can contact me at 226-4551 or 626-2154

Thank you

Here are a few pictures I took while waiting outside Marina’s grocery store.

San Pedro Belize Grocery

San Pedro Belize Grocery

San Pedro Belize Grocery


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  1. juls February 16, 2011

    Thanks for the photos! I know the store well and looking forward to being there next month…;)


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