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San PedroFarmers Market and a Mango Story

There was a mango dealer on the back street at that time when I went Into his living room there must have been 500 mangoes and his wife was watching the 700 Club on TV.  I’m guessing he’s no longer around after all these years. Hard to beat living In Belize and on Ambergris even better.

After reading the text above in Larry’s Good’s email, I asked him if he would mind if I shared it on the blog and he wrote back with the following, expanding on his funny story above from his one of his 3 1980’s trips:

No, I certainly don’t mind but there is more to that story. The largest mango plantation In the world Is In Belize and It was mango season and I couldn’t find a single one. I did buy a stalk of bananas and hung them In our little beach house with fishing line and told the cleaning lady to help herself and she did. Also, we always bring candy to San Pedro for the children.

Well anyway, I was asking everyone on the Holiday Hotel fishing pier for several days where to buy mangoes so finally one afternoon some guy said want mangoes to come with me. I called my wife and followed him so we went up the street and turned left to the next street came to this white house went up steps to the 2nd floor and entered their living quarters. I swear there were 500 mangoes and the funny thing was they weren’t In containers they were placed just anyplace there was a bare spot. They were .50 cents US each and I don’t remember how many we bought anymore but It was a lot. Just wish I had a camera who would believe that?

So another strange thing went back two days later and they didn’t have a single mango, so strange. There was a restaurant on the same street as this house and they told us at the hotel to go there and try the rice & beans. Well, I’m not a rice & beans dude so I ask myself why eat that when there Is delicious fish here?

There was a restaurant turning left out of the Holiday Hotel toward the airport and the barmaid became the mayor you may know her. While we’re there she suffered a nasty painful burn on her leg from a hot motorbike muffler. Some years back I was watching a travel program from San Pedro and she was riding In a golf cart and they said she had become the mayor. We have since forgotten her name.

One of the things I do not do often enough is to go to the farmers market on the Lagoon side in town. It is a great place to score fresh produce. As far as I know, it is open Tuesday and Thursday mornings, if someone knows different please let me know. 

Dick and I went there while he was here and he scored a big bunch of apple Bananas for 9bzd. I got 2 massive cucumbers for $3bzd

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