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The Irony is Not Lost

As I lay in bed icing my foot, I got to thinking about my fate Sunday, I wanted to let you know the irony is not lost. The fact that I was wearing a hat to bed 7 nights ago because I was cold and now I am wearing ice packs instead is very ironic.

After my private laugh about it, and working out being mildly pissed off that I am grounded again, it came to mind that I can use this as a reminder. Sometimes we have to suck it up and endure some discomfort in order to see progress to a situation.

My new schedule is foot and hand elevation, icepack, heat, emails, juice then repeat. I am due for more cold now. Hoping something good is on tv while I ice and already anticipating the heat stage and dinner 🙂 Paul just rode his beach cruiser bike to get us breaded chicken fingers and crispy fries from Sunny’s Chinese food – yum [This is a great kid-friendly food option in San Pedro, they also make a good breaded shrimp burger too.]


2 thoughts on “The Irony is Not Lost

  1. boby says:

    My sympathies Laurie, I myself am nursing a twisted knee injury. No fun when you can’t get around like you are used to. Makes me appreciate folks who can’t get around for whatever reason anymore. Hope you heal fast.

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