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Riding Around Town

I was not sure about going to the pool yesterday as it was seeming a bit cool. Dick popped me on the coconut phone and suggested an errand run to town. Since I had a few things to cross off my list I thought that was a good idea. We rode bikes to Boca Del Rio and all around town stopping at various places – many of which were hardware stores or related to boat motor parts as you will see from my pictures below of Osmin’s Mechanic Shop. Aside from some fun pictures I got the idea to do a hardware store prices list while checking out the Gorilla tape at  Castillos – will make sure I have a notebook and pen next time. Our bike ride lasted about 2.5 h including stops.

Time flies. Got sidetracked from blogging and onto other work and now I have to leave for a 1pm appointment at CG Esthetic.

8 thoughts on “Riding Around Town

  1. Debra Milstead says:

    Thanks for adding my link. I have all the pictures scanned and will be loading them. No cobblestone roads in San Pedro then. I will have to check out both of those cameras.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Debra – I am using a samsung digimax L85. It is a great camera but not so much for here weather is hard on it. Waterproof Shock Proof is on my wish list for a better Tropical Camera option.

  3. Name (required) says:

    I found my photos today of my trip to Belize in 1998. I will start posting some of them on my blog soon. I have one’s of Maruba Spa, the Mayan Ruins, snorkel trip and San Pedro. I actually think I took one of Walter from back in 1998. It looks like his hair. ; – ) You will have to look and see.

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