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San Pedro Sunday

It’s a beautiful quiet Sunday morning in San Pedro. I was up early (6:40am) and have been enjoying listening to the birds sing. Today is going to be good – I made a reservation for 7 of us at Estel’s and we are all excited to go check out their barbecue ribs. I have had a taster before courtesy of Charles but never the full meal deal and never tried their fresh cut fries.

8:15am – it’s time switch gears on work and step away from the computer for a bit. The fish are jumping in the canal so I am going to go read some blog related stuff and fish watch.

9:26 am – The weather is moody today. It started out kind of overcast and very quiet energy then the sun came out full tilt and now it’s back to overcast and quiet again.

8:33 – just came out of a long power out – close to 6h. It’s pretty windy right now and feels like a cold front moving in. Lost Power not long after we got back from Estel’s.

Ribs were out of this world – fresh cut fries and slaw top notch too. Great place to catch up with Capt Jeff – Matt – Sara and Mama B before they all leave – Dick and Carole came as well. Definitely put Estel’s weekend barbecue on your San Pedro events calendar.

Estels Sunday Jam and Barbecue


Estel's Sunday Jam and Barbecue

Hanging out with friends

MMMM flinstone ribs - fab fries and great slaw

Live Blues and Jazz - varied musicians - all excellent

Where the magic happens

Adios Matt - Sara and Mama B - they leave tomorrow

4 thoughts on “San Pedro Sunday

  1. tacogirl says:

    Did you try flash frying them first Remo? I do that then layer ribs and what ever sauce and will sometimes add vegies on top depending what I am doing for a side. Here is Estel’s number in case you need it 206 – 2019. After how busy it was Sunday next time I would consider calling in my order when we are on our way to get it going.

  2. Remo says:

    I tried ribs in a crock pot once and it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to:( Maybe it was a bad recipe? I don’t know.

    I am going to Sp this Saturday for a Quinceañera and would love to try some BBQ at Estel’s. If I have the energy to rise the next morning…haha!


  3. tacogirl says:

    Rib cooking contest I am so into blogging that one and being a taster. That is one thing I cook well in crock pot – not a barbecue master like you – Cunkyruth and Charles.

  4. carbunkle trumpet says:

    going back to your foodie blog post and seeing Charles W’s smoker I will be glad to swap my BGE for a butane tank special.

    I miss ChunkyRuth’s grill when I got to man it last Feb when Chunky was down in the knee. Maybe next time we can have a rib cooking contest…..

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