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Mexico-My Space & Taste of Playa

Michele Kinnon has invited you to the event ‘Taste of Playa 2010’ on Mexico-My Space!

Please join us for Taste of Playa 2010!
Time: November 21, 2010 from 2pm to 9pm
Location: Parque Fundadores
Organized By: Michele Kinnon

Event Description:
Taste of Playa is an annual culinary event in Playa del Carmen that celebrates the creativity and cultural influences of chefs throughout the Riviera Maya. The event promotes the unique culinary perspectives of local chefs, highlights new event venues and coordinates the efforts of local businesses and municipal governments. In 2009, Taste of Playa captured the attention of national and international media and showed the spirit of multi-cultural cooperation that defines the modern Riviera Maya.

Each year, Taste of Playa will donate proceeds from the event to a local non-profit food or clean water program. The goal of the committee is to help develop and sustain community programs that will have a positive effect on the residents of Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

Admission to Taste of Playa is free to the public with “Taste of Playa Pesos” available for sale which are used to purchase the signature dishes offered. Samples will have a value of 1 or 2 Taste of Playa Pesos (10 to 20 pesos in value). Taste of Playa Pesos may be purchased at the event, ordered in advance or purchased online

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Picture courtesy of Taste of Playa website
Picture courtesy of Taste of Playa website

10 thoughts on “Mexico-My Space & Taste of Playa

  1. Remo says:

    I am glad you brought that question up. I was concerned about that myself before I booked my flight but I was assured that my flight would not be cancelled.

    There were only 3 people on my flight from Belize City to Cancun airport including myself. There were 4 people on the return journey including myself.

    Of course, it was a hassle free trip considering it was a small number of us. That was one advantage.

    Like I said, this was in September of 2009 when they just started flying to Mexico.

    But, I always felt that Maya regional wouldn’t last long considering the VAST MAJORITY of Belizeans would not choose that mode of transport to Mexico or Guatemala.

    They are not suppose to cancel a flight, unless there is a darn good reason to do so.

    Anyway, I know Dr. Zabaneh (part owner) and I will ask him about that.



  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for that info Remo.

    Have you heard much about Maya flights being canceled due to lack of people? I hesitate to recommend that option (but would like to) until they stop canceling flights last minute for lack of passengers. I have heard of that happening on 2 separate occasions and one was to a friend who lives here – she was not happy.

  3. Remo says:

    I flew to Cancun on September 7th, 2009 for a two week vacation. It took me about 45 minutes from Belize City to Cancun International airport. Clearing customs was quick and easy. Within minutes I caught a bus headed for Playa del Carmen right outside the airport.

    It took me about 2 1/2 hours from Belize City to the Posada Mariposa Hotel in Play del Carmen.

    I HIGHLY recommend air travel for its convenience and quickness.

    Here is a link to the Maya regional air website with schedules and prices—–>

    Just something else to think about………


  4. tacogirl says:

    You could bus it to Corozal and either use a transfer service to cross the border or keep going on bus to Chetumal and transfer to a Playa bound bus. From Chetumal to Playa is about about 5h. If you want some help further working out this idea Laurie let me know and I can pass along some good websites for bus info and a Playa hotel.

  5. LaurieMar says:

    Taste of Playa sounds great and I haven’t been to Playa del Carmen for years. Now, my wheels are spinning. I arrive for a 2 week vacation in Belize the day before with no plans for the first week. hmmmm…..Wonder how easy it is to get there after arriving at International. Any suggestions?

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