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Living in Belize

San Pedro Animal Hospital Christmas Party


Molly won second prize at the San Pedro Animal Hospital  Christmas Party at Pedro’s. I recycled Paul’s where’s Waldo hat from Halloween added a matching scarf and made her a toboggan. Unfortunately she had to leave early as a popping balloon scared her off so Paul took her  for a nice walk home on the beach. Lots of people and pets came out to celebrate SPAH 1 year anniversary. Dick and Jack just turned up so I am going to go enjoy the party.


  1. tacogirl December 22, 2010

    Hopefully you will not be stuck for long.

  2. tacogirl December 22, 2010

    Thanks Debra.

  3. Debra Milstead December 22, 2010

    Yeah Molly for winning 2nd place. Cute Cute.

  4. cindy December 21, 2010

    WOO HOO! well done Molly! I’m sure you loved the balloons lol! I miss all of you stuck here in the snow!


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