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VIP Help Wanted

Chatting with Heather on the coconut phone and finalizing what needs to be done before she sends out the press release we wrote yesterday. She sent me a link to an article on findings from the recent ground testing in San Mateo. I was not surprised at what was said and  it makes Heathers vision of a green community in San Mateo all the more important. These people need help, that soil needs to be detoxed for the good of everyone on land and everything under the Caribbean sea.

“Engineers without Borders-USA” sent a group of students from the Texas A & M University to conduct a reconnaissance trip in January of 2012 during which they conducted a three part evaluation of potable water in the San Mateo Community. These evaluations included water quality field tests, water and sewer infrastructure assessment and a water quality survey. The alarming results confirmed what many have suspected for years. To read the full story please go to the San Pedro Sun.

It’s time to round up more troops, the San Mateo Sanitation project is a Very Important Project and Heather needs all the help she can get to see it through.  If you love Ambergris Caye would like to help create a green living community please contact her. Heather Zwicker of Direct Abundance –

san mateo
Channel that passes by San Mateo and goes to the sea

2 thoughts on “VIP Help Wanted

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Sharon, lot of people trying to help that neighborhood. Holy Cross sewing center next door has been great for moms to use their sewing skills to earn income and Kim at San Mateo Empowerment project doing wonders too with the building of a proper road – one not filled by garbage.

  2. Sharon Hiebing says:

    It’s so sad that the San Mateo community does not have access to the same basic necessities that the rest of the island residents do. This situation has gone on for far too long. Kudos to Heather and you for trying to make a difference! I wish you much success….

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