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Saga party 2008

At least rain held off till after Saga party was done.

It was a packed house at BC’s today for the big Saga Halloween Party. $5600 was raised beating last year’s total! Maya won the big prize which was the skydive and video valued at $750BZ.

Other prizes awarded….

Best Kid’s Costume – Lindsay – Geisha
Cutest Kid’s Costume – Isabella -Fairy
Scariest Kid’s Costume – Alex – Zombie

Best Pet Costume – Yankee – Scuba Dog
Cutest Pet Costume – Chainsaw – Metallica Dog
Scariest Pet Costume – Gypsy – Pirate Dog


  1. Keep blogging.
    Good luck.


  2. Interesting lifestyle!

  3. Wow what a great turnout!!! I’m so happy to see it was so successful!

  4. Thanks tq was a very busy and fun event.

  5. WOW, who is that handsum guy playing the drums in the band photo?

  6. 2miles that is the candydrummerdude 🙂

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