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Living in Belize

Sad Bastards Christmas Party 2010


Every year Walter and his crew outdo themselves cooking the holiday feast for Sad Bastards Christmas Party at Pedro’s Bar. This year Robbie’s sister joined in and served up the most delicious pudding [dessert]. I cleared my plate and managed a leftover Brussel sprout from Paul. He tried to get me to do more stuffing too – as good as it was I was already stuffed.

Portable lighting was a common theme for this years gift game and there was lots of stealing going on. We both picked good things and managed to keep them[mine was stolen]. Paul scored a great rechargeable lantern and I got a Braun hand blender – smoothies here we come. A few of the other well stolen gifts were – fishing pole – booze – quality street – rice cooker with bamboo cutting board and a $70 gift certificate to Mathieu’s Delicatessen.

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  1. tacogirl December 27, 2010

    Those all sound yummy especially with the cool weather we are having today.

  2. Emily (@EmilySNC) December 27, 2010

    Anything that needs to be pureed, like potato soups, butternut squash soup, sweet potato soup, black bean soup. Cream of whatever too. Also made hummus w/it recently!

  3. tacogirl December 27, 2010

    Going to get some fruit today so I can try it Emily. What kind of soups do you use it for?

  4. Emily (@EmilySNC) December 26, 2010

    Laurie, you will love your Braun hand blender! Just made Christmas sweet potatoes w/mine. Also great for soups and many other things. Enjoy!


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