San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Routine Maintenance

Here I am deleting old emails again – seems like only yesterday I had my in-box cleared and was determined to upkeep it on a regular basis – ya right 10 pages later and I have already deleted a bunch.

I missed Tai Chi (again) trade off is that I am getting some work done at home. Still taking that mms supplement Zac recommended – not noticed huge changes so much as small ones that my body is regulating itself and getting some benefits.

Went to women and wine last night hosted Diane it was nice hanging out by the pool at Julia Gardens – great mix of girls to chat with. I found out she does mail forwarding now in addition to providing people with a p.o. box number and all her other services. I will to go check out her mail boxes across from Royal Palms at the internet place and take a pic or 2.

Lot beside Coral Beach H0tel

Above Caye Supply on back street

Road south making progress

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