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Reposition yourself

Reposition Yourself – Living life without Limits

This is the title of the book by Bishop T.D. Jakes who is on Dr Phil today.

My ADD quickly got me sidetracked from the show and thinking / blogging about the book title in relation to my life and being here.

I am sure many people who have ended up on Ambergris Caye would agree that as a result of coming here they have in some way repositioned themselves in a way that goes far beyond getting on a plane and heading to this dreamy Caribbean island.

It has not been an easy road packing it all up to come to another country where we did not really know anyone. Doing so has enabled Paul and I to see ourselves, each other and those around us in a whole new way.

It has also made me sure that at 40, I am just getting started making some real headway towards figuring myself out and knowing what I want. We have made some great friends here and seen many people go through their own changes and transformation as well as well as going through our own both separately and together as a team.

More rambling later Carole just popped me on the coconut phone to go for a cart ride to Victoria house with her, so I need to wash up and grab camera and water.

At the beginning of the show, T.D. Jakes mentioned how some people are still resigned to carrying through on decisions they made when they were 20 that and often those decisions are no longer the right thing at 60 (or what ever age).

That got me thinking that likely many of us resign ourselves to choices and decisions we made last year, last month or even last week. We need to learn how to step back and allow for the realization that what we think we wanted at the time is not the best option. It is important to be flexible so we can reposition ourselves at any given time and get to a better place.

Soon as we hit mud the mosquitoes attacked

At tropic hanger

Cart needed a rinse after that giant puddle

Sun still shines in rainy season

Getting fixed

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