San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Rainy Roads South

Not wanting to pass up a chance for a golf cart ride, I headed south with Dick to visit Cindy’s Paul. I figured it would be a good chance to get some blog shots especially since the sky cleared up. While the three of us were sitting around chatting, Carole called and said she was ready to hook up, so we all decided that Dick and I would come back to town and I would make a pit stop at the tacoshack while he picked up Carole and ran a few errands. Then they would get me on the way out of town and we would go grab Paul and head as far south as we could. There is a Toronto Raptors game on tv today which is a rare occurrence so tacoboy (my Paul) has taken a rein-check on today’s adventure.

We did not make it too far past Miramar. Encountered a big lake across the road and a cab driver that was heading towards us told us it got worse so we took his advice and turned around. Being close to Lara’s place we figured it would be divine timing for a pop in. We had a nice visit with her, and then headed off towards home.

Small taste – what we saw earlier – lagoon meets the road – more to come

Lots of puddles

Roads are wet

Stopped for repairs

Water levels are high

Better wear rain shoes or bare feet

Road back into town

Gas station going up south

Ramon’s progressing on their fence work

Ran into Bonnie Doug and the girls

New construction heading south

Road closed by Road Kill

Dick driving

Coke tractor

Big puddles

Barefoot or plastic shoes weather

Construction at Banyan Bay area

Roadwork being done by Banana Beach

Roadwork south

Roads by Miramar

The puddle that got us to turn around

Lakes on roads

Carole and Dick

Lara’s cats

Lara’s pink paint job




Wet with gravel patches

Carole driving

Imagine riding through puddles with no fenders

Artsy road lake picture

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