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Living in Belize

Post-it® Digital Notes


I’m taking another step forward in my ongoing quest for some sort of organization.

I decided to find digital post-it notes this morning for my laptop. There were many options out there, but I went with the 30 day free trial from 3M – a reliable company. Their cost is $19.99 – thankfully not terribly expensive. At the end of my 30 free days I would likely consider buying at that price if I fall in love with their product, or I know I can always just find a free one on download.com.

The pool was great as always; there were 9 of us today. But I’ve got to get back to work – cleaning and food sometime soon. About 3 hours with digital post-it notes and I already have 9 things on my post-it list. Will have a go at setting up a bulletin board later with multiple notes on it. So far only downside is a slightly annoying “buy now” and “remind me later” pop up, but I can deal with that.

Leaving you with a musical interlude from Melody Man Escobar and Small World Band. A video Paul took at Tackle Box recently. Note to self… I really do need to get a copy of their CD.

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  1. tacogirl April 22, 2009

    Caribbean Soul just go to http://www.smallworldbelize.com to buy one as the band mentioned

    Thanks Susan

    Hoping to run a contest soon and give away a couple of their cd’s

  2. Susan April 17, 2009

    Nice poste and great video!

  3. Anonymous April 15, 2009

    You can purchase the CD at smallworldbelize.com under the “buy” section.

    Small World Band.

  4. caribbean soul April 15, 2009

    I would love to know where to get a CD of Melody Mand Escobar and Small World if you can. I am always looking for great Regge to add to my collection.


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