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Living in Belize

Go with the Flow


It is a very random, order-less day.

I’ve been consciously focusing on the things I can do and not worrying about the stuff I have no control over. As we all know, patience is a must living here – makes life so much easier.

So instead of planning Paul’s birthday party, I’ve been uploading to the taco shop. I found a whole bunch of cool iPod and shuffle gear. We just got the red speaker shown on the front page, and for the price ($16.99) it was totally worth it, as a portable hand held speaker. Now we can both enjoy my music while walking to the pool. It also works well placed on bathroom counter.

Zac just dropped off some island ganouche. His recipe is delicious, and he made extra for Paul’s party – thanks Zac. Off to Marina’s for tortilla chips. We are still buying them there and they never have any perfumed taste to the flour.


Cat and Dog submitted by Nicky.


  1. tacogirl April 22, 2009

    Hello to Italy

  2. guard runner April 17, 2009

    hallo from italy


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