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Planned power out

Even planned power outs are on Belize time.

We unplugged our pc’s at 8:56 for the scheduled power out at 9 am. Was working on the school blog and – chatting on coconut phone so I just kept doing both.

By 9:30 I figured power out was not happening so I plugged my computer back in – of course it goes out within a minute of me doing so. At least it was not out any longer than they had promised.

Soon as I got back on line Kra-z-k popped me on the coconut phone – she will be here anytime to go for coffee at perk.

It is a hot sunny San Pedro day and life does not get much better – our neighbor Elsa’s daughter Alison came by this morning to ask if we wanted to buy bbq as their church was raising money for kids camp. I was right into that idea – you can’t beat helping a good cause and chicken bbq getting delivered right to your front door for $7 Belize.

Went to Sharon’s tonight to hang with brat pack – was food and drink tasting night for our lobsterfest booth. Trial and error is always good and we definitly agreed on the winning combos quite quickly. After we played cards shortned a game of phase 10 to the last 4 rounds as it was getting late.

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